Working with women who want to make incredible changes to not only their physique,

but every aspect of their lives.


''You will be supported & learn to love the process rather than just seeking that end result'' - 1:1 Online Client

''So amazing! I feel so supported and know that I can come to her with anything and she will work with me to find a solution that is going to work best for me!'' - 1:1 Online Client

''Never did I ever think I’d be the person who gets up and exercises before work, but here I am! I’m still able to socialise and eat the foods that I like without feeling guilty. It’s cliche but it is all about balance.'' - 1:1 Online Client

''Literally so happy! In such a good place right now and have you to thank for it!'' - 1:1 Online Client

''I have done diets and lifestyles where I have been restricted and been miserable. I can’t put into words how empowering this journey has been just in the last month!'' 1:1 Online Client

'I'm sharing photos of myself on social media and being proud of them - something I haven't felt in a long time since having my baby! I am brimming with positivity and confidence, which has also improved all social/family relationships and given me a quality of life i wasn't sure was achievable so soon.'' - 1:1 Online Client

''My mindset is completely different! I used to be so negative towards and about myself, I doubted my ability.....My confidence has grown, and I feel good about looking after my body'' - 1:1 Online Client

''I no longer fear foods... I would never have gone to the gym before to do a weight workout, especially not on my own!

''I was really worried starting out as it’s not something I’ve ever done before but I feel so much more confident already'' - 1:1 Online Client

''Compared to before I started coaching I have so much more energy and really feel like I am working positively on myself! I’m really enjoying the process and feeling improvements week on week!'' - 1:1 Online Client


LIFT EAT MOVE Coaching is for women who want to make incredible changes to not only their physique,

but every aspect of their lives.

You've always spent your life trying so many diets but you just can't seem to make any progress, or if you do see some results, you can't seem to maintain it.

You want to learn how to reach that place, where you feel amazing in your own skin, without drastic measures of cutting out your favourite foods, spending hours in the gym, feeling miserable and fed up that all your hard work, all the effort you put in, just doesn't seem to pay off.

You want to feel empowered, train to become strong, remove self-doubt from your mind, fall in love with the process of improving each & every day ,start making progress towards your physique goals & finally gain the confidence to go out and get what you truly want in life.

How do we do it?

What you eat, the amount you move each day, how much you sleep, how you manage stress will affect how you feel & the decisions you make, so for you to be thriving throughout all parts of your life - we blend fitness & lifestyle into LEM Coaching, so you can achieve what you set out to do, whilst enjoying your life.

It's not just about diet & exercise - this coaching is a 360 approach, if you are highly stressed, sleep is poor, your mindset towards yourself, food or exercise is poor - you will feel like you are running on a hamster wheel & working on yourself should make you feel like you are thriving, not just surviving.

We work on creating habits you can put in place in your day-to-day life. These daily habits are to support your body and mind each day, not just for your specific physique goal, but for a healthier, happier you.

This is about making change for long term.

Making changes to your life and your body shouldn't be temporary, it shouldn't be done following something which you can't maintain, something which doesn't support you long term

You deserve more than short term results!


I help you break down your ultimate goals & create a process, with actionable steps that are realistic & manageable but that will challenge you, because I know your true potential and what you are capable of. My aim is to support and encourage you to help you acheive what you have set out to do and are able to take what you learn throughout your life.




RESISTANCE TRAINING PROGRAMME - gym or home workouts, programmed to your needs, your training ability, your time available.

NUTRITIONAL TARGETS & ADVICE - calorie & macro goals tailored to you & your specific goal.

WEEKLY CHECK-INS - for that extra accountability & support - we review your progress, celebrate your wins, work through any struggles, plan for the next week ahead & make changes if and when required to keep you progressing

SPEAK WITH ME WHENEVER YOU NEED - access to chat with me throughout the week through my private WhatsApp.

EXERCISE ANALYSIS & FEEDBACK - you can send me unlimited videos of the exercises in your plan & I will give you feedback

DIGITAL APP - everything you need all in one place, where you can access your training programme, daily habits, nutrition targets. You can log all your data and track your progress.


£150.00 Monthly

If you shrieked at this price, I get it. 1:1 coaching is definitely an investment,

but investing in yourself,

is the best thing you can ever do.

Once you get started, if you commit to giving it your all, you will soon see it can quite literally, change your life.

If you are truly ready to transform your life, learn how to achieve the goals you have set for yourself & let this be something you will never regret, hit the button to apply below.


''I always imagine coaches to be these unapproachable and judgy people. Lucy couldn’t be more opposite. She’s kind, knowledgeable, friendly and she’s makes it fun. She knows one plan doesn’t fit all, she’ll involve you in building your plan. She understands because she’s been there''. - 1:1 Online Client

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