From someone that has struggled with my weight throughout the years of my life from being young, the things i have done to try lose weight over the years has been extensive, let me tell you, you name it, i have done it. I tried every diet under the sun & used exercise as a way to 'undo' the bad eating habits.

Coming from a place where I had struggled with my weight my whole life, lacked confidence and thought the only way to lose weight was to eat as little as possible. I couldn't maintain results from any diet I followed, I was frustrated and came to the point in life where I almost accepted that I was just one of those people who would just settle in a body I was unhappy with and uncomfortable in.

By investing in a coach myself, back in 2020, not only did I transform physically, the mindset change I acquired through prioritizing myself and my health was life changing.

From taking that leap into what was the scariest thing ever, changing my whole lifestyle, I not only achieved results and maintained them but I have found my passion in life, for helping others to see their true potential and improve their lifestyle to give them a strong mind, strong body and feel like they can achieve anything!

I've learnt how to fuel my body with good food, that carbs are INCREDIBLE and not to be feared, that resistance training is where the magic is and that walking is the most underrated activity of all time.

I've taken the time to invest and put myself first and I strongly encourage others to do the same.

I will never stop my own self development & expanding my knowledge with continuous learning so I can give the best education and value to my clients to help them change their lives for the better.

I am always here to help, just reach out.

Lucy x